Festival of Lights Gift Card
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Give someone special an unforgettable experience at The Mission Inn Hotel and Spa.

From a luxurious weekend getaway to incredible dining at our award-winning restaurants or a rejuvenating spa escape, gift cards are memorable for any special occasion.

Terms and Conditions:

The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa Gift Card can be used for accommodations and is redeemable at any outlet located in The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa, except at Casey’s Cupcakes®. Gift cards are reloadable. This card should be treated like currency. The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa is not responsible for lost or stolen cards. Card value is subject to a $1.00 per month dormancy fee after 24 consecutive months of inactivity and when the value of the card is $5.00 or less in accordance with applicable laws and regulations. This is not a credit card and has no implied warranties. Gift cards are not redeemable for currency except in situations described by state law.

  • Gift Certificates cannot be returned, redeemed for cash, used to purchase other gift certificates, resold or used for promotional activities without the written approval of The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa. In the case of any dispute, The Mission Inn Hotel & Spa reserves the right to cancel any gift certificate that violates any of the terms and conditions attached to such gift certificate.
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Festival of Lights Gift Card

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